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About Us

Loyalty Home Care LLC is a non-medical Home Care Company with over 20 years of experience, serving Elderly and Disabled individuals residing in their private homes, Nursing Homes, Assisted living Homes and Group Homes.

We are solely committed to providing personal care services.

Loyalty Home Care was established in 2014

and is located on the west side of Cleveland.


The Need for Loyalty Homecare LLC Services
 As we age or encounter some sort of disability, personal  care can become a challenge. And our bathrooms can  become a danger zone.

We believe that each client personal care needs should be individualized, personalized and customized for the comfort level of the client. 

Each patient deserves time and dedication to one of the most important things that make one feel self worth. Their personal appearance, hygiene and personal well-being.

Loyalty Home care takes pride in the personal care services we provide.

Please visit the (Services) link at the top of this page for cost and complete listing of services.

We believe in good customer service, honesty, dedication and quality of care. We have passion for what we do. Our reputation is very important. 

Due to our quality of care, our cost efficient visits, our professional and Faith based Staff, majority of our customer base is customer longevity and referrals.

Loyalty Home Cares competitive rates and our paramount services are maximized with several task completed in each visit.

Customers Have the option to choose:

Morning Personal Care

Mid-Day Personal care

Night-Time/ Bed-Time Personal Care

(With the minimum of 2 visits per week)

(Between the hours of 6:00am-10:00pm)

What makes Loyalty Home care First Choice

We believe in strategizing and maximizing visits to provide the most care without the extra cost.

We are very selective of the staff that joins our Loyalty Home Care family.

We are a privately owned local company. We are a dedicated team of licensed and certified Nurses and State Tested Nursing Assistants with over 20 years of experience.

We have an opportunity to build relationships and commitments with are clients and families maintaining a small local based Company.

Most importantly we understand how important building trust, having confidence in the Company you chose and receiving paramount service from the  Company of choice.

Thank you for considering LOYALTY HOME CARE LLC

For your personal care needs.


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